Even before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans’ relationships to our masks have been complicated, to say the least. A dozen winning monologues will be selected by a panel of distinguished theatre artists. Competition winners will receive their first public presentation on Monday, September, 7th at 6 PM, EST in a special Zoom Event. Calling all the best American writers: Submit your monologue to the competition today.


‘Me & My Masks’ Monologue Competition. Submission Guidelines.

On Monday, September 7th, 2020, Roland Tec and Pinkplot Productions will host an online festival of monologues on the theme ‘Me & My Masks.’ All writers considering themselves American are invited to submit one monologue on this subject, not to exceed 4 pages or 2,000 words in length. Only one submission will be accepted from each writer.

Monologues will be judged by a panel of theatre professionals on the following criteria:

  1. Does the character speaking feel fully realized and authentically human?

  2. Is this a monologue rather than just a story, the distinction being that in a monologue, the speaker’s intention drives the language from beginning to end. The person speaking is speaking for a reason, beyond the simple telling of a story.

  3. Does the monologue relate in some way to the theme of the festival, “Me and My Masks?” Please note: The festival theme is intentionally open-ended. You may use the word “mask” literally or figuratively. Please consider the festival theme to be a point of departure, provided as your inspiration for your own wholly original creation. There is no need to incorporate any specific words or language into your entry. Please remember: the best monologues are born of a specific character in a specific situation speaking to a specific person.

Selection and Public Presentation:

  1. Twelve monologues will be selected for online presentation at the September 7th Festival Event. From these twelve, three prizes will be awarded: The Golden Mask, The Silver Mask, and the Bronze Mask. A Special Prize for the Most Daring Monologue will also be announced at the event. Audience capacity at this Labor Day Zoom Event will be capped at 250. Tickets ($5) via Eventbrite.

  2. In the tradition of so many great playwrights who began as actors, you are strongly encouraged to perform your own monologue. However, if you’re absolutely terrified of this, you may bring your favorite actor friend to perform it for you, or if that’s not feasible either you may indicate that you prefer we cast your monologue for you. Monologues will be assigned to seasoned professional actors who will work on the material alone. If you wish to give notes to your actor before the presentation on September 7th, you may request a private YouTube video of your actor reading the monologue after which you may email notes. But actors who are generously giving their time to this experiment will not be allowed to enter into a formal rehearsal process.

  3. The Twelve Competition Winners will be assembled into a PDF and will be distributed to University Theatre Departments and Conservatory Training Programs.

  4. Regardless of whether your submission is chosen for the Labor Day presentation, all writers are encouraged to submit a video recording of their submitted piece. All monologues will be posted on a designated YouTube channel along with a link to the writer/s website or agent/representative email.

  5. If you submit a monologue you are encouraged to attend the event on September 7th.

  6. If your monologue is selected as one of the Twelve Competition Winners, your attendance at the September 7th Premiere (held online via Zoom) is mandatory. Any writer failing to attend the September 7th event will forfeit their position as one of the Twelve Competition Winners.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: August 15, 2020, Noon, EST.