Art Gallery

MarcAnthony Mendieta is a born and raised Dallas native. Graduating from Marcus High School in Flower Mound, TX, he would later go on to obtain an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences from Brookhaven College. With no formal training or art background, he is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist. Developing a liking and hobby of drawing and sketching at an early age in his elementary years, it wasn’t until late 2015 that he painted for the first time. “I had these acrylic paints laying around because I had re-painted my grandparents’ gnomes earlier that day. Well for some reason and to this very day I cannot tell you why, but something told me to paint my dog, Gizzy. So, I tore the side off of a shoebox and did exactly that and I haven’t stopped since.”

The oldest of four, two sisters and a brother, he speaks of the importance of his family and especially his mother and grandmother. Struggling with an alcohol addiction for almost fifteen years, MarcAnthony is going on his fourth year of sobriety. It is in that very battle he says where he gets most of his inspiration. ” I feel like I was looking through life through a black veil, and now it’s been lifted and everything is so clear and bright full of life.”

Instagram: works_by_marcanthony


The gallery is open during performances and events at the Bishop Arts Theatre Center.