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Brianne Moore


My journey from Kansas City to Dallas County has been filled with various experiences and unexpected twists. Growing up, like many children, I was often told that art was just a hobby, not a viable career path, and that I should have a backup plan. As a result, I pursued different professions, often feeling unfulfilled.

However, in 2014, I faced a turning point when I was laid off. Returning to my roots in cosmetology reignited my passion for painting. To my surprise, my skills had not faded; instead, they had grown stronger. I found myself drawn to acrylic painting for its practicality and versatility.

My art is characterized by vibrancy, texture, and a dedication to representation. Through my paintings, I seek to capture the essence of black women - their strength, resilience, and cultural heritage. Using a variety of brushes and palette knives, I aim to create depth and detail, infusing each piece with a sense of empowerment and relatability.

As life progresses, my creativity continues to evolve, mirroring my personal experiences. It is incredibly fulfilling to witness how my art resonates with those who encounter it, particularly black women who find relatability in my representations.

Ultimately, my art is more than just a form of expression; it is a platform for cultural celebration, empowerment, and connection. I am committed to ensuring that every brushstroke contributes to a narrative of authenticity and inclusivity, where every black woman feels seen and celebrated.

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey and passion with you.

Artist Statement

Fannie Lou Hamer who was a womanist instead of a feminist stated “I’m not going to try that thing (feminism). I got a black husband, six-feet-three, 240 pounds, with a 14 shoe, that I don’t want to be liberated from. But we are here to work side by side with this black man in trying to bring liberation to all people.” 

Fannie Lou Hamer, a strong advocate for civil and women's rights, pursued her goals with unwavering determination. Despite experiencing physical harm and imprisonment for her demands in the fight for equality, she persevered. Fannie, like many today, believed in the fundamental rights of every individual to equality and the opportunity to thrive. Her bold opposition to institutional racism served as an inspiring model for women to pursue their convictions and never lose sight of our collective future. I create these vibrant portraits in tribute to black women of the past, present, and future.

Through my art, I aim to serve as a constant reminder that prioritizing our mental well-being is essential, and we should unapologetically occupy the space we need to grow, speak out courageously, and let our brilliance illuminate the paths of all who we encounter.

With heartfelt dedication and affection, I proudly present selections from the "For Colored Girls" collection, a series of portraits portraying vibrant women navigating life guided by the legacies of those who paved the way. It is my aspiration that in my art, you will witness women standing boldly and confidently in a world that often tries to diminish their worth.

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