Volunteer Opportunities

At Bishop Arts Theatre Center, our volunteers play a pivotal role in all aspects of our activities, be it a captivating theatre performance, a soulful Jazz concert, or engaging Arts Education events. We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support that enables us to pursue our mission of fostering a vibrant arts community. Volunteer with us and immerse yourself in all that Bishop Arts Theatre has to offer.


This volunteer is stationed at the front door welcoming patrons as they enter the theatre and directing traffic to the box office where the tickets can be purchased/picked up. The Host also directs patrons to the digital playbill and the complimentary wine bar.

Box Office Assistant

A volunteer is responsible for distributing will-call tickets and collecting email addresses during intermission and after the show.  The Box Office Assistant is also responsible for selling water bottles. The box office should never be unattended.

Wine Bar Attendant

This volunteer greets patrons and serves complimentary wine.

Balcony Suite Attendant

A volunteer is stationed at the elevator on the second floor and escorts patrons to balcony suite areas.  It is imperative that balcony suite doors remain closed during performances and hall lights are turned off.

  • All volunteers must wear black
  • Arrive at the theatre two hours before each show
  • Stay at your post when it is assigned to you
  • Stay the whole duration of the event to help clean up


Two ushers are stationed at the theatre entrance on the main level, one at the top of the steps. These volunteers will be responsible for ensuring everyone who enters the theatre has a ticket and will escort patrons to their seats at reserved seating shows. Ushers ask patrons to silence their cell phones before entering the theatre. During the performance, ushers are seated just inside of the theatre at the back to mitigate disruptions during performances and escort latecomers to their seats.

A third usher is stationed inside the theatre at the wheelchair entrance to assist patrons with mobility issues. This volunteer is also responsible for making sure the hall light is turned off at all times during the performance and no one enters the theatre from the back door area.

The ushers at the main entrance should ensure the track lights are on during the performance and turned off at the end of the show.  Patrons should be asked to sit near the front of the theatre to accommodate late seating for performances that are general admission.

For volunteer opportunities, call Rachel Rodriguez at (214) 948-0716 x301 or send an email to rachel@bishopartstheatre.org, or click the link below.

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