Story at Bedtime

Get under your blanket and get cozy as BATC’s Board of Directors, students, artists, and friends bring you a new video series where they read you and your little one bedtime stories.  Storytime at Bedtime provides a respite for parents and moments where children and adults can enjoy some downtime by looking and listening to BATC volunteers reading literature. This program also offers relief for older siblings who spend weeks assisting their younger siblings with classwork while their frontline parents are on the job. This online resource is the brainchild of BATC board member Emma Rodgers.

Want to join in and become a part of Storytime at Bedtime? Check down below on guidelines on how to record and submit!

Storytime at Bedtime Videos

Want to Submit a Video?

Thank you so much for your interest in recording a video for our Storytime at Bedtime series. We appreciate it so much and cannot wait to see your video! We encourage any and all languages and books suitable for children. If you didn’t know, Storytime At Bedtime is an online resource for parents in response to COVID-19. It is the brainchild of Bishop Arts Theatre Center board member Emma Rodgers. Below are guidelines to record and submit your video.

Click here for a great example of how to record a video for Storytime at Bedtime.

What You Need:

  • A camera. It can be the one you have on your phone or a professional camera – or in between! If you’re recording on your phone, your orientation should be landscape, not portrait.
  • Great lighting. We want to not only be able to see you but the book you’re holding as well.
  • Clear audio. Keep background noise to a minimum if you can. If you have a microphone you can use – even better!
  • A book! To view our previously read books, please look above. We ask that the book is suitable for children and does not feature any inappropriate words.
  • And last but not least – you! Position yourself in front of your camera clearly with the book in your hands. We strongly recommend showing the book to the camera, just as if you were reading a book to a group of children. A different way to show the book is to scan and edit the pages in if you would like to do so. Click here for a great example.

How to Submit:

  • Please send your videos to
  • There are multiple ways to send the video to us! We strongly recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive to send us your videos to make it as easy as possible for both sides. There are also sites like WeTransfer that you can use for free as well.
  • And you’re done! As soon as our editors’ edit and the video is uploaded to our Youtube, we will notify you by email and send you a link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Samantha Anderson at, or call BATC Monday through Friday during our business hours of 9AM – 5PM.

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