Art Gallery

River Jackson-Paton

Uses the pronoun ‘they’ both as a non-binary trans* person and as an artist and coach in private practice who prioritizes a multi-dimensional approach to identity. They practice embodied techniques in art and education creating multi-media expressions (collage, found object assemblages, performance, photography, poetry and somatics) that seeks to integrate nature, culture and self-identity. River has actively pursued Indigenous studies, ecopsychology, and cultural/personal identity issues for three decades. In 2014, they co-authored with Jürgen Kremer, Ethnoautobiography, an undergraduate text- and work-book for unlearning whiteness and decolonizing identities. In the process of healing from a brain injury in 2009, River has prioritized narrating the thresholds between creativity, cultural politics, embodied senses of place, and fluid sexual and gender identities.